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Renewals UPDATE

July 19, 2008

This is a reminder for all our distributors, that on 25 June 2008, we published an important update on the distribution partnership renewals. For our existing distributors affected by migration to the new system and were not able to renew between 5 / 06 to 6 / 24 and for those who had not renewed in time, we have a grace period to renew their distribution partnership . We inform you that in order to renew your account when you could be in your admin “account”.

Fortunately, YOR expired distribution will be given another 30 days grace period. We must renew by 15 August from the annual event. We all your account information for our records during this time, until you renew your partnership is back as usual.

For those who do not renew in the next 30 days grace period distribution partnership will be permanently stopped and downgraded to a SC.

To renew your account Log in memory.