YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board

Introducing the first member of our Athletic Advisory Board: Tim Brown!

Tim Brown
Member of
YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board

Tim Brown is a nationally recognized professional football player. Mr. Brown emerged as a star while playing for Notre Dame where he won the Hiesman Trophy. He went on to play in the NFL where he spent 16 seasons playing for the Oakland raiders.

Our acknowledgment for the need of a Scientific Advisory Board also lead us to a similar conclusion for athletes. We recognized the need to consult top athletes and learn from the unique perspective that they can provide. We know that these advisers will help guide us with product development, and the in the direction this company chooses to take. The quality of our Health Products will surely reflect the expert advice that these advisory boards will provide us with. We have always strived to produce and deliver the highest quality of health products in the industry, and we believe that these new developments will surely enhance our products even further.


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