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August 26, 2008
  1. New Website Launched
    • YOR HealtH Las Vegaswebsite LAUNCHED!

      To show our appreciation for all of the Distributors that showed up for the YOR Health Las Vegas 2008 we launched the Vegas website. We hope to showcase key points, pictures, and video and also help the unfortunate ones who were unable to make it are still able to share in this great experience.

  2. NEW YOR Health Products!
    • At the YOR Health Las Vegas 2008 event we announced four new products.
      These great new products are now available for purchase on our website!

      1. YOR SuperGreens™
      2. YOR Digestive Enzymes™
      3. YOR Probiotics™
      4. YOR Repair

      To learn more about our new products please visit YOR Health New Products